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Lucky Kids Christmas Show
Lucky Kids クリスマス会

We had our first ever Christmas show on the 14th this month.
The kids had really been practicing hard since November, so we were anxious and but also filled with anticipation.
Everybody did so well, especially the ones that often cry or run around in class, we were so proud!
We threw this party in hopes of being able to show parents their kids’ growth, while having a cozy atmosphere at the same time so we are glad with how everything turned out.

12月14日土曜日は待ちに待ったLucky Kidsの第一回クリスマス会でした★



Lucky Kidsクリスマス会のモットーは楽しくパーティーをしながら子ども達のスクールでの成果を家族の方に見せるというもので、授業内で皆で作ったジンジャーブレッドマンクッキーや先生のお手製のケーキ、各家庭から持ち寄って頂いたお菓子などを食べながらの、アットホームな雰囲気で行われました。




This is a joint performance with everybody from Little Diamonds and Sparkling Sapphires. Kids from below 1 ~ 2 sang to jingle bells. They used shakers that they made in class. Despite being in front of a crowd of adults, everybody’s smiles shone through :)

Little Diamonds とSparkling Sapphiresとの合同グループです。1歳前の赤ちゃんから2歳のお友達が「きらきら星」と「ジングルベル」を披露してくれました!


This is everybody from Brilliant Crystals. They played their mini drums to the song Bangedy bang bang, then proceeded to say what they wanted for Christmas. Finally they gave a skit based on their favorite book “my pet”
Despite having so many lines to remember, we were all surprised at how well everybody did.

そしてこちらは土曜日幼稚園クラスのBrilliant Crystalsのお友達です。BCのお友達は”Bangedy Bang Bang”と言う歌を太鼓をたたきながら披露してくれました。その後、クリスマスにちなんで、クリスマスには何が欲しいかを発表してくれました。こちらはクラスで子ども達に大人気だった”My Pet”と言う絵本に基づいた劇でした。




The older ones from Elementary class are singing Little drummer boy in this one. They learnt this one really well, even though it had so many words that are hard even for adults to memorize.

午後の小学生のクラスのお友達は”Little Drummer Boy”という伝統的なクリスマスキャロルを披露してくれました。非常に難しい英語が出てくる歌ですが、そこはさすが小学生!きちんと覚えて堂々と大きな声で歌ってくれました!



Finally the speech class gave their self introductions as well as what they wanted for Christmas, in a slightly more wordy structure as opposed to the Brilliant Crystals. The whole point of this class is to nurture in the kids the confidence and skills needed to clearly state their opinions in front of other people, so the teachers of speech class were very proud at how imposing they were then they separately did their thing.
The program went by so fast, we loved every moment of it and we hope that you did too! It was so nice to see our students perform what they had been practicing for weeks and weeks. We’ll definitely step our game up for Christmas next year :)
Thank you so much to all of you who had contributed to our cause in any way.

そしてこのグループは”12 Days of Christmas”と言う、こちらも伝統的なクリスマスキャロルを披露してくれました。歌に出てくる言葉がこちらも難しかったということと、さすがに12日間分を歌うのは長かったので”6 Days of Christmas”に歌を短縮して歌いました。とても言葉が難しいのに6番まである長い長い歌を間違えることも無く非常に上手に歌えていたのが印象的でした!




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Science experiment!

Today for Elementary class we did the infamous vinegar and baking soda experiment. The reaction on children’s faces when they see the balloon blow up by itself never gets old! There are many things you can teach kids with this experiment, especially if your kids like fizzy drinks! As everything around us slowly starts to shift into New Years mode, we’ve also started reviewing everything we’ve learnt this year :)




Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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