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Last day for Sparkling Sapphires!

Today was the last day for the Sparkling Sapphire class students to come to LK before we welcome the new year of 2015. All this week, the students have been working on Christmas craft and reviewing Christmas and winter words, which was their main topics for this month. For the craft activity, Sparkling Sapphires made their own wreaths and took them home so they can hang the wreath on Christmas tree at home.  Please take a  look how well they have done!

今日はSparkling Sapphiresにとって、新年を迎える前の最後のクラスでした! 今週一週間はクリスマスと冬にちなんだ活動を沢山してきました。クラフトではリース作りを楽しみおうちへ持って帰りましたよ! とても可愛らしく出来上がりました!おうちのクリスマスツリーに飾ってもらえたでしょうか。 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A day before Christmas, the students made very cute Christmas cards for their parents.  On the card, it says “Dear Mom and Dad.  Merry Christmas.  I love you.  Love…” The older students were able to write by themselves, and the small friends had some help from the teacher.
クリスマス前日にはお父さんやお母さんにクリスマスのカードも書きました。カードの後ろには「メリークリスマス!大好きだよ!〇〇より」と書いてあり、大きい生徒は自分で書き、小さいお友達は先生に手伝ってもらいました。喜んでもらえたでしょうか! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sapphires enjoyed listening to winter stories as well.  This week, we had chances to hear so many new stories:) Please see how serious their faces get, when they are listening to the story!!
Sapphiresは絵本を読んでもらうのが大好きです!今週はいつもより沢山絵本を読んでもらう機会がありました。 この真剣なまなざしをみてください!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Great job Sparkling Sapphires!  I hope you have a happy and great time welcoming the new year!! Looking forward Seeing you all in the year 2015!!
今週も楽しかったですね!新年を楽しく迎えられるように願っています! それでは、2015年に会えることを楽しみにしています!!!

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We had our last class of the year for one of our Elementary classes last Monday. After reviewing the topics we did this year, we had fun making Osechi craft with origami! Our student this day was pretty stoked about it all, he told us that he really looks forward to the Osechi that his mother makes every year :)
We look forward to seeing everybody from Elementary class starting next year! Happy Holidays!!



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