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Eco – craft!

This week our Elementary kids had lots of fun getting their hands dirty, we finished up the pen cases we’ve been working on as a two week project. We encouraged them to let their imagination run wild, and the results were very nice :) We hope what we did this week encourages them to try and make things out of reusable material from now on, things left around the house that’s destined to go to the bin :)


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira



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Diary / ダイアリーLucky Gems (Advanced / 上級・帰国子女クラス)Shining Pearls (Elementary / 初級・中級小学生クラス)

Summer is here!!!~Sparkling Sapphires~
Sparkling Sapphiresに夏が来た!

Goodbye rainy season, hello scorching summer days! Let’s all make sure we’re drinking plenty of water and be wary of heat strokes!
We’ve started having fun with the pool at Sparkling Sapphires. We didn’t have that many kids in this class last year so there wasn’t any pool, but starting from this year we’ve decided to substitute outside walks with splashes in the pool :) The last picture shows a class with 90% of the students as girls. This class originally had more boys than girls, but little by little girls continued to join, and now the boys are outnumbered hahaha
Only boy in the class, lucky him :D

待ちに待った梅雨もあけ、夏らしい暑さが続いていますね。 十分に水分を取り、熱中症にだけは気をつけていきたいと思います! Sparkling Sapphiresのプールが始まりました!!! 昨年はまだ開園してまもなくお友だちも少なかったので、プール遊びは取り入れていませんでした。 Sapphiresのお友だちも増え、今年からは暑い日はお散歩の代わりにプールで思いっきり遊ぼうと思います! 写真はどちらとも室内で遊んだ様子。この日は風が強すぎて外においてあったプールが落ち葉だらけになってしまいました! そこで急遽室内で水遊びをしましたよ。 室内でのプール!!?どうなることやらと先生達の心配をよそに、子ども達は楽しそうに遊んでいました。 最後の写真は、珍しく女の子だらけの様子です。 もともとSapphiresは男の子が多いクラスだったのですが、少しずつ少しずつ女の子が増えていっています。 今では半分が女の子になりました! そしてこの日はまさかの男の子が一人・・・。笑 ハーレム???かな・・・笑

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

DSCN0222 DSCN0246 DSCN0225

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Handmade dish washing soap!

Last Saturday we made dish washing soap as a science experiment. First we grated soap bars, then mixed it with hot water and added drops of lemon juice. Finally, we carefully poured the contents into tiny bottles. It was a day with lots of hand eye coordination practice for the Brilliant Crystals, we hope they can use their soap to help with the dish washing at home :)


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

DSCN0205 DSCN0203

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Brilliant Crystals (Saturday Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園土曜日クラス)Diary / ダイアリー

Pelmanism with Japanese animals!
神経衰弱 アニマル偏!

This month we are learning about our environment and the animals that live in it, mainly animals unique to Japan. This is a picture of the kids playing pelmanism with Japanese animal cards in teams of two. Out of all the classroom games played out there, no game gets the kids heated up and competitive as much as this game :)  Today for arts and crafts we made nature bracelets, everybody had fun trying to decide what their bracelets would have on them, especially the girls. Next week we’ll be making crafts with reusable materials, stay tuned :D

DSCN0189[1]今月は環境とその環境に住む日本の動物について勉強しています。写真は子ども達が動物のフラッシュカードを使っての神経衰弱のチーム戦です。室内英語ゲームはたくさんありますが、チーム戦の神経衰弱ほど白熱するのはなかなかありません(笑)工作では植物ブレースレットを作りました。素材を集める時皆とても楽しそうでした、特に女の子達が(^-^) 来週は再利用できる素材を使った工作をたくさん用意していますので、乞うご期待♪


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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Diary / ダイアリーShining Pearls (Elementary / 初級・中級小学生クラス)

Everybody do your share!

For our Dazzling Rubies classes, we always use the cleanup song when it’s time for them to put away the toys and get ready for class. It seems only a while ago when most of our kids were fairly new, and how they would take a long time to start cleaning up, more keen on playing. Now they can be seen walking around with boxes in their hands, collecting the toys on the floor and encouraging others to clean up. We teachers are all very pleased with the continual growth of Dazzling Rubies kids :)

Dazzling Rubiesのクラスでは、おもちゃを片付けて授業に備える時にClean up songという曲が流れます。一昔前までは皆歌が流れてもなりふり構わず遊んでいたりしてたのですが、今となっては箱を手に取りおもちゃを回収して回ったりしています♪ お互いに片付けよう?と言い合ってまだ遊んでいる子も気持ちよく片付けられます(^-^)皆の成長が日々見られて先生達は幸せです!

*さぁ皆も一緒にというのはClean up songの歌詞の一部分です

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira




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Dazzling Rubies (After Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園午後クラス)Diary / ダイアリー

New games!

In our Elementary classes, we  always try and introduce different games that help the kids review what they have learnt in class. Elementary schools in English speaking countries place a big emphasis on classroom games, and all of us teachers have grown up learning them, so we have a lot to offer :)
In the picture below, they are playing a game that is a combination of pictionary and darts. For the pictionary words we use the vocab from July’s monthly topic, and the student that gets it right has a chance at the darts (suction balls)
We also went outside to pick leaves and flowers for arts and crafts.

写真はPictionaryといって、誰か一人生徒が小声で先生に指定された単語の絵をホワイトボードに描き、 その絵の正体を他の生徒が言い当てるというゲームです。一番最初に言い当てられたら、ダーツチャンスが1回あります。この1回のチャンスのために小学生の皆は必死です!笑

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

DSCN0141 DSCN0145


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Diary / ダイアリーShining Pearls (Elementary / 初級・中級小学生クラス)

Rain Rain Go Away!!!~Sparkling Sapphires~
雨雨あがれ!!!~Sparkling Sapphires~

This month’s topic is “My Family”
We take the family pictures the kids bring, blow them up and ask show it to them during circle time, asking who they are. The kids love it :)
We also made cute family craft using Popsicle sticks. From coloring the clothes with the same colors they were wearing that day to thinking what colors their parents would want, they seemed to be having lots of fun.
We teachers have been racking our brains trying to come up with new, fun indoor activities as it has been raining a lot these past few weeks, and this day we made water balloon fishes :D
One of their favorite activities that we haven’t been able to do lately is feeding the carps at the river, but thanks to this activity the kids were able to have fishy fun!
And of course, we can’t forget the obstacle courses with the trampoline and slides (tables), music and movement with sensory rope too!
After this rainy weather, it’ll become extremely hot, let’s all take care not to suffer heat strokes or anything.







Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira



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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Wednesday Little Diamonds
水曜日のLittle Diamonds

Our Little Diamonds Wednesday classes have become even livelier since a new friend recently joined us :)
We’ve been doing a lot of singing and dancing so they’re all smiles. The first picture shows them singing the traditional Japanese frog song, except with the frog sounds being ribbit/ croak etc.
In the second picture the kids are playing with the sensory rope. They tried to make their way in the moment they saw a circle, circles probably are just irresistible for them :)
The last picture is of them sorting out balls according to their color. At first they were just running around throwing balls everywhere, but they’ve slowly started to grasp the rules.

水曜日のLittle Diamondsは新しいお友達も加わり賑やかです。


ゲコゲコ・・・がcroak croak, クワっクワっ・・・がribbit ribbit





Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira




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Diary / ダイアリー

Summer Course 2015!!!!

A few more slots left for Summer Course!!

summer course4 hagaki


★ The Days & Times of Our Summer Courseサマーコース開催日時
♣We are offering a one-week summer program starting from August 10th to August 14th
♣Time 時間
Our program is 10:00 ~ 14:00  Mon. ~ Fri.
10:00 ~ 14:00 (月~金曜日)

★ What Ages Do We Accept? 対象年齢
We are currently accepting ages 3 ~ 12 years old  3歳 ~ 12歳
Kindergarten Class 幼稚園クラス : 3 ~ 5 years old  3歳 ~ 5歳
Elementary Class 小学生クラス : 6 ~ 12 years old  6歳 ~ 12歳

★What is The Average Class Size 定員
The average class size is 10 students per class. We will not accept over that number so please sign up as soon as possible. This is a first come first served basis

★ Programプログラム
Please see the below schedule.
下記の「Lucky Kidsサマープログラム2015」をご覧ください


★Fee (Exclusive of Tax) 料金(税別)
*If you sign up before 7/10, 4,000 yen off 7月10日までにお申し込みの方は4000円オフ!)
*Please bring a lunch box and drinksランチにはお弁当をご持参ください。お飲み物もご持参ください。

★ How Do I Get The Enrollment Forms お申込
There are two ways to get enrollment forms:
1.Send a Fax/Email or Call our school to request for an enrollment form. Fill it out and send it back to us either through fax or email.
2.Visit our school and fill-out the enrollment form.
Verbal confirmation is not accepted either directly or by phone. Enrollment is not completed until the form and payment have been submitted at least a week before the starting date of your course choice.

Please remit your payment within 3 working days after you submit an enrollment form via bank transfer to our bank account given on an enrollment form. Remittance charge will be your responsibility.

★ Cancellation Policy お申込後のキャンセルについて
If you cancel after your enrollment, you will be charged the following cancellation fee.
○4 weeks ~ 1 week before the starting date of your course: 50% of the fee
○ 7~1 days before, on or after the starting date of your course: 100% of the fee
★ Parking 送迎に関して
Please note that we do not have a parking lot for cars. For bicycles, please use the space in front of our school but please note that space is limited. Please come early!**On the Picnic day (8/13), we will go to a park near our school. We will meet and dismiss there.

★ What to bring 持ち物
*Please write your name on all your belongings *全ての持ち物に記名をお願いします。
Pencils, Colored pencils/crayons, glue, scissors, Towels, 1 set of spare clothes, Sunscreen, Bug spray, Drink, Lunch Box (if necessary), Water guns (Picnic day only), Pls wear Yukata/Jinbe on the Summer Festival Day (optional), Apron, Cooking Headband (8/14),Smock(8/19), Hat,

★ Notes 注意事項
☆Be prepared to be in extreme climates from time to time. Take things slow and not over do it!
☆Please apply sunscreen when you leave home, and bring it to school for later use.
☆Please bring enough to drink.
☆Please bring a lunch box chilled with an ice pack to prevent food poisoning.
☆Please let us know before the class starts in case of absence or tardiness.

Lucky Kids
〒187-0044 東京都小平市喜平町1-4-13
電話/Fax 042-207-8989


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Notice / お知らせSummer Course / サマーコース

Fun with nature

Today for Elementary class we made sun catchers and name collages with leaves, twigs and flowers. This was a nice opportunity for the kids to learn that fun can be obtained just by a few picks from trees outside and your imagination :) See you all next week ;D

今日小学生クラスではサンキャッチャーと、葉っぱや花、木の枝を使った名前のコラージュを工作の時間で作りました。自然+ちょっとした想像力で「楽しい」は作れると言うことを子ども達に学んでもらえた一日でした♪ 来週もお待ちしています!


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


カテゴリー / Category
Diary / ダイアリーLucky Gems (Advanced / 上級・帰国子女クラス)Shining Pearls (Elementary / 初級・中級小学生クラス)
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