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Tanabata in Brilliant Crystals Class
Brilliant Crystals クラスの七夕

It’s a new month and a new theme, My Family. We will be learning theme-related words such as daddy, brother, grandpa and uncle for the next two weeks and the last two weeks will be spent on learning each family member’s role in the household. For the younger group’s literacy class, we reviewed letters Aa to Ii and did pages 22-23 of their workbook which required them to make use of their matching, cutting, sticking and coloring skills. The older group also did a review of the letter sounds we have been learning the past three months and they practiced spelling CVC words with their own set of letters. Tanabata is of course just around the corner so we all thought about our wishes for this year and made our own Tanabata craft. Before I forget, we would like to thank all the parents who submitted their family photos.

7月に入り、新しいテーマ「私の家族」が始まりました!今後2週間で、daddy, brother, grandpa and uncleなど、テーマに関する単語や、家庭でのそれぞれの役割について学びます。本日のリテラシーでは、年少組はAaからIiまでハサミやのりを使いながら復習し、年長組はこの3ヶ月の復習をしました。工作では、願いをこめながら七夕の短冊や飾りを作りました。


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