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Beautiful Weather to play out side!

We feel the Autumn breeze is in the air.  It’s so much easier for all of us to spend time outside, don’t you agree??

Our kids in Sparkling Sapphires loves to play outside!  We go out to the park almost everyday!
Kids playing with balls, chatting with teachers and friends, swing and slide…  So many things they can do!

The other day, SS found many red berries on the ground, that they decided to use them to play in the sand box.
One child was baking a cake using the red berries, others were using them to make  soup and juice…
We teachers were very surprised how each kids can grow the imaginations!!!

Though it is still October, we have started practicing for the Christmas Party presentation.
Gradually, kids are able to sing out loud!


Sparkling Sapphiresの子どもたちもお外で遊ぶのが大好き!!!雨が降らない限り、毎日必ず外で遊んでいます。




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Sparkling Sapphires(Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園クラス)

Concentration levels…!

…Are really high at the moment :)
It’s that time of the year where classes start to become really busy because we start practicing for Christmas shows, but we gotta say, we are really impressed with how well our kinder students are concentrating. With how things are, they’ll all master their Christmas material in no time. Good job kinder kids on a very well performed month!



Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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Eating healthy…!?

Today for our Elementary class, we decided to let the kids see for themselves just how harmful a “can of happiness” can be.
I remember as a kid I always wanted to try out coke, mainly because my parents wouldn’t let me. They looked at the coke bottle with shining eyes, we regret not taking a photo :)
We then boiled some coke and explained to our horrified kids that the gooey mess would have otherwise found its way into their stomachs had they drank some of that stuff. We are pleased to say none of them are likely to start wanting to drink cola anytime soon LOL



Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


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All the leaves started to fall!!

Autumn have come at last as we feel the cold air breezing throughout the day!!!! The leaves started to fall from the trees around here at Lucky Kids. The theme for October is “Autumn and Halloween”. For today’s craft, we used droppers to drop paint onto paper, then blew them around with straws to make a colorful autumn tree!
What color do leaves turn into when it becomes fall? In answer to our question the kids answered red, yellow, orange!
How about brown? Oh..yeah, that too! Hahaha
Autumn here we come!

寒い風が舞い始め、とうとう本格的な秋が始ってしまいましたね。 Lucky Kidsの周りの木々も徐々に色づいてきて、落ち葉も沢山になってきました。 10月のテーマは”秋とハロウィーン”です。 この日はスポイトで落とした絵の具をストローで吹いて、色とりどりの秋の木を作りました。 ”秋になると葉っぱは何色に変わるかな?”と言う先生の問いかけに、皆口々に”赤!””黄色!””オレンジ!”などと答え、先生から、茶色もあるよね?と言われると、”あっそうだ!”と言うような表情の子ども達でした。

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


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Sparkling Sapphires(Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園クラス)

Keeping healthy!

The elementary class have Health as their monthly topic for October, so today as our kids arrive a bit early, we took them to a nearby park and went through some basic stretch/ yoga exercises with them. The kids really enjoyed having a little bit of fresh air, they were easily more focused afterwards. For the elementary students that arrive at later times, we’ll do the same stuff indoors. This month we hope to teach them the importance of exercising regularly in order to stay healthy :)


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira



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