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February activities in Sparkling Sapphires

It only seems like yesterday when we exchanged our new years greetings with everybody, how time flies!
This month’s theme will be on community helpers, buuuut,
whaddaya know, an ogre’s showed up at our school!
That’s right, it’s setsubun season and our sparkling sapphires threw color balls at the ogre instead of beans.
Some became teary eyed, while others wore defiant expressions and threw the balls at him. Spring should come smoothly now huh :)















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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Go Go!! Sparkling Sapphires!

Happy New Year! Even though it was after a long break, the Sapphires were all smiles, that showed us how much they were looking forward to coming here, and it made us really happy.With the monthly topic being transportation, they baked vehicle shaped cookies for the first week, and made ships for the second week. At first they had trouble getting their ships to move, until we told them to blow at the circle shaped stickers. After that, everybody did just great.
What do we have in store for the remainder of the month? You’ll soon find out!

あけましておめでとうございます!本年もどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 休み明けでしたが、どの子も笑顔で久しぶりに登園をしてきたサファイアのお友達。楽しみに来てくれているのがわかってともて嬉しいかぎりです! 1月のサファイアのテーマはTransportation(乗り物)です。先日のブログにもご紹介しましたが、1週間目は陸を走る乗り物にテーマを絞り、型を使ってクッキーづくりをしました。 皆とても上手に型抜きをし、と~ってもおいしいクッキーが焼き上がりました(^^) そして二週目は海を走る乗り物でした。プールや大き目の箱に水を溜め納豆容器で作られたボートが水に浮くか沈むかみんなで考え、いざ入水!みんなが予想していた通りに水に浮きましたよ!プールの隅から隅までふ~っと息を吹いて進ませます。最初はうまくボートが動かなかったのですが、先生に「丸いシールのところを吹くと動くんだよ」と教えてもらうと、どの子も上手に自分たちのボートを進ませることができました★ 1月後半はどのようなことをするのかな。とても楽しみですね!

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Happy New Year from Lucky Kids

Happy New Year! We thank you all for the support you’ve shown our school last year, at our events  as well as every day things such as checking your child’s homework/ belongings etc.
We’re hoping 2016 will be another year of fun, academical growth for everybody. January’s theme for our Kinders (Sparkling Sapphires, Dazzling Rubies and Brilliant Crystals) is transportation, and here’s a sneak peak at one of the awesome activities we have planned (Sparkling Sapphires baked them today)
The kids will of course be able to bring their vehicle shaped cookies home :) Here’s to another great year!

1月の幼稚園生クラス(Sparkling Sapphires, Dazzling Rubies, Brilliant Crystals)のテーマはTransportation 交通 です。本日Sparkling Sapphiresの皆で作ったクッキーの写真ですが、まだのお友だちのためにも先行公開しちゃいます♪


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Dazzling Rubies (After Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園午後クラス)Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

What’s going on in Sparkling Sapphires this month?

From the preparation weeks to the big day, the kids did really well in early December.
This month’s theme is Winter and Christmas, and the highlight for crafts this month is definitely the Christmas tree ornament which the kids made with the colorful buttons they brought from home. Now that Christmas show is over, we have started putting a lot of time into circle time. From puzzles to picture books, we’re having lots of learning fun.

12月の最初の週はクリスマス会に向けての最終段階です。一生懸命に練習してきた子どもたち。 初めての場所で緊張する中、本番もとてもかわいらしい姿を沢山見せてくれました。 今月のトピックは「冬とクリスマス」です。子どもたちはそれぞれ家からボタンを持ち寄り、可愛らしいクリスマス飾りを作りました。 クリスマス会が終わると日々の時間にも少し余裕が出てきました。今週からはセンタータイムにじっくりと時間をかけています。 大豆つかみ、パズル、紐通し、洗濯ばさみ遊び、神経衰弱、絵本など、楽しい学びの時間が続いています。

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International academy in Kodaira
「ラッキー」を子供たちに! 007-e1446078992968 0042-e1446170533179 054-2-e1449708361457016 007 (5) 031

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Here comes Elephant feet!

With the weather being just right, not too hot, not too cold, our Sparkling Sapphires are at it again – singing dancing and playing with lots of energy! :)
Their theme this month is on animals, so they played with cans at the park. Where’s the relevance you ask? Well, these cans have elephant footprint patterns at the bottom, and our oldest M chan soon was found walking smoothly around the park with them. The others followed suit as well. They also made paper cup animals, very cute too.

過ごしやすい気候の中、今日もサファイアの子どもたちは元気に歌い、踊り。戸外で沢山遊んでいます。   今月のテーマが「動物」。 動物にちなんで、公園では懐かしの缶ぽっくりをして遊んでいます。 動物と缶ぽっくり・・・なんのつながりが??とお思いでしょう。実はこの缶ぽっくり、ぞうさんの足になっているんです! ぞうさんの足ぽっくりとでも言いましょうか。   おそらく初めてやる子どもたちが多い中、一番年上のMちゃんがあっという間に歩けるようになりました。 本当に上手なんですよ!どこまでもぞうさんの足ぽっくりでMちゃんです。 小さいお友達も頑張っていましたよ!!! 紙コップの動物達もとても可愛らしく出来上がりました。

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International academy in Kodaira

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Beautiful Weather to play out side!

We feel the Autumn breeze is in the air.  It’s so much easier for all of us to spend time outside, don’t you agree??

Our kids in Sparkling Sapphires loves to play outside!  We go out to the park almost everyday!
Kids playing with balls, chatting with teachers and friends, swing and slide…  So many things they can do!

The other day, SS found many red berries on the ground, that they decided to use them to play in the sand box.
One child was baking a cake using the red berries, others were using them to make  soup and juice…
We teachers were very surprised how each kids can grow the imaginations!!!

Though it is still October, we have started practicing for the Christmas Party presentation.
Gradually, kids are able to sing out loud!


Sparkling Sapphiresの子どもたちもお外で遊ぶのが大好き!!!雨が降らない限り、毎日必ず外で遊んでいます。




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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

All the leaves started to fall!!

Autumn have come at last as we feel the cold air breezing throughout the day!!!! The leaves started to fall from the trees around here at Lucky Kids. The theme for October is “Autumn and Halloween”. For today’s craft, we used droppers to drop paint onto paper, then blew them around with straws to make a colorful autumn tree!
What color do leaves turn into when it becomes fall? In answer to our question the kids answered red, yellow, orange!
How about brown? Oh..yeah, that too! Hahaha
Autumn here we come!

寒い風が舞い始め、とうとう本格的な秋が始ってしまいましたね。 Lucky Kidsの周りの木々も徐々に色づいてきて、落ち葉も沢山になってきました。 10月のテーマは”秋とハロウィーン”です。 この日はスポイトで落とした絵の具をストローで吹いて、色とりどりの秋の木を作りました。 ”秋になると葉っぱは何色に変わるかな?”と言う先生の問いかけに、皆口々に”赤!””黄色!””オレンジ!”などと答え、先生から、茶色もあるよね?と言われると、”あっそうだ!”と言うような表情の子ども達でした。

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Yummy Tacos salad day!

“Food” was the theme for the month of September.  So we finished the month with fun cooking activity!! This day, the Sparkling Sapphires cooked Tacos Salad.  Each child was given a bag with Tacos chips inside.  Crashed the chips, and put them in a bowl.  Lots of fresh lettuce with tuna mayonnaise, sprinkle lots of corns and decorate the salad with tomatoes!! And tadaaaaaaa!!! Yummy yummy tacos salad to take it home and enjoy with family!!! So, how was your very own salad?? 9月のテーマは”食べ物”と言うことで、9月最後はクッキングで〆ました。 この日はタコスサラダ! 一人一人ビニール袋の中にタコスのチップを入れてもらい手で細かく割ります。 その上からレタス、ツナマヨネーズ、コーン、トマトを乗せて出来上がり! お昼ごはんの後だったので、そちらのサラダはお持ち帰りをし、家でお父さんお母さん達と一緒に食べてもらいました。 自分たちで作ったサラダは美味しかったかな?? 024 (2) 025 (2) 026 (2) 023 (2)

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Good-bye Summer! September is here!!

What with the golden week and all, it really does feel like last month went by in a blur. Even after a whole week of absence, the Sparkling Sapphires were all smiles and laughter :)





Today the kids dabbed with a little archaeology – they tried with wooden hammers to save the toys trapped in ice. Breaking down ice with a wooden hammer isn’t really something they come across every day, it was definitely something new for them. Some were tentative, while others were enthusiastic. This day one of the boys decided to try and caress the ice (lol)
In the end it was the girls that saved the toys ;)

And now we’re into September, it’s rain, rain, rain and yet more rain…
but our Sparkling Sapphires won’t let a little rain dampen their spirits! This month’s theme is “Food”
Fruits and veggies, fish and meat. Pizza and hamburgers, we’ll learn how to name all our favorite foods in English this month.
Since kids this age have very good hearing, their pronunciation is really good!

For this day’s arts and crafts we dipped various vegetables in paint and stamped them onto paper to make patterns. This craft was definitely lots of fun, but we had several classmates who were absent this day, so we are planning to do veggie stamps again next week.
We’ll be putting these up on the wall, so please do take a moment to admire your child’s handiwork when you’re here :)















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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

All New Pre-Kinder classes beginning April 2016! Trial Lessons in November!!
H28年度 プレ幼稚園クラス生徒募集!! 11月集中体験レッスン開催します!

We’ve started accepting new students for our pre-kindergarten class. We have all kinds of activities ready with themes ranging from rhythmic to games involving intellectual training, all in English of course :)
Upon starting the class in April 2016, we will have trial lessons for 5400 yen on  the following dates:
2015 November 2, 4, 5, 9, 11 and 12 (6 days). Please do come check us out!

This class is specifically aimed at children from ages 1 to 3 who have learnt how to walk,
the trial lessons are for that one whole week from 9:30 to 11:30, and the price is 5400 yen for all days combined.
Details of the class are as shown here.  We look forward to hearing from you.



外国人講師による英語でのプレ幼稚園。 リトミックや知育遊びなどを取り入れて、遊びながら楽しく自然な英語が身につくプログラムです。



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