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Nel Gulmatico ネル・グルマティコ先生
Teacher Nel Gulmatico will be in charge of all the afternoon classes. 午後の全てのクラス担当ですI was born in the Philippines, but moved to the US when I was nine years old. I went to UCLA. My major was English. I like to read, listen to music, and do yoga. I love teaching English to kids. Let’s learn together and have fun!フィリピン生まれアメリカ育ち。UCLAで英語を専攻。趣味は読書・音楽・ヨガ。子供達に英語を教えるのが大好きです。皆さん一緒に英語を楽しく勉強しましょう!



Peralta Narissa Vizcarra  ペラルタ・ナリーサ・ビスカーラ先生
Teacher Rizza will be in charge of all the morning classes.昼間のプレ幼稚園・幼稚園クラスのクラス担当です。
I’m Rizza from the Philippines.  I have been teaching English for over 10 years  I have a deep passion for teaching especially to kids.  I would love to impart my knowledge and expertise to all the children here at Lucky Kids.  Let’s have lots of fun while learnning!
フィリピン出身。10年以上英語を教えてき、子供たちに対して強い情熱を持っています。Lucky Kidsの子どもたちへの教育に全力を尽くします。皆さん一緒に英語を楽しく勉強しましょう!

Edward Campbell  エドワート・キャンベル先生
Teacher Edward will be in charge of Sparkling Sapphires classes and some of afternoon classes.昼間の幼稚園クラスと午後のクラスをいくつか担当します。
I am from New Zealand and graduated from Canterbury University. I have worked in foreign language schools for several years. I enjoy task based learning and Total Physical Response activities the most. Let`s learn together!



Naoko Yamamoto山本 直子先生
Teacher Naoko Yamamoto will be assisting  daytime Kindergarten classes.  平日昼間の幼稚園クラスのアシスタントです。Naoko has Elementary School and Kindergarten Teaching Degrees from Tokyo Gakugei University and has worked in nursery schools for several years. As a child, she spent 7 years in Australia and 4 years in the United States.  She’s a mother with three children.




Maya Ochiai  落合 麻耶
Teacher Maya Ochiai is  in charge of/is assisting  all the afternoon classes. 午後の全てのクラスの担当・アシスタントです。Hello, my name is Maya. I am from the United States and have been living in Tokyo for over ten years. My hobbies are reading and doing crafts. I joined the Lucky Kids Team and look forward to sharing my love of art with everyone!

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