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Everybody do your share!

For our Dazzling Rubies classes, we always use the cleanup song when it’s time for them to put away the toys and get ready for class. It seems only a while ago when most of our kids were fairly new, and how they would take a long time to start cleaning up, more keen on playing. Now they can be seen walking around with boxes in their hands, collecting the toys on the floor and encouraging others to clean up. We teachers are all very pleased with the continual growth of Dazzling Rubies kids :)

Dazzling Rubiesのクラスでは、おもちゃを片付けて授業に備える時にClean up songという曲が流れます。一昔前までは皆歌が流れてもなりふり構わず遊んでいたりしてたのですが、今となっては箱を手に取りおもちゃを回収して回ったりしています♪ お互いに片付けよう?と言い合ってまだ遊んでいる子も気持ちよく片付けられます(^-^)皆の成長が日々見られて先生達は幸せです!

*さぁ皆も一緒にというのはClean up songの歌詞の一部分です

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