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Spring Course SY2019!!

We will have a spring course for 5 days from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March.
Please come and join us!
Spring 2019




★お申込  How Do I Get The Enrollment Forms
There are two ways to get enrollment forms:
1.Send a Fax/Email or Call our school to request for an enrollment form. Fill it out and send it back to us either through fax or email.
2.Visit our school and fill-out the enrollment form.
Verbal confirmation is not accepted either directly or by phone. Enrollment is not completed until the form and payment have been submitted at least a week before the starting date of your course choice.
★お支払方法 Payment
Please remit your payment within 3 working days after you submit an enrollment form via bank transfer to our bank account given on an enrollment form. Remittance charge will be your responsibility.
★お申込後のキャンセルについて Cancellation Policy
If you cancel after your enrollment, you will be charged the following cancellation fee.
○4 weeks ~ 1 week before the starting date of your course: 50% of the fee
○ 7~1 days before, on or after the starting date of your course: 100% of the fee


★持ち物 What to bring
Pencils, Colored pencils/crayons, glue, scissors, Towels, 1 set of spare clothes, Drink, Lunch Box, Smock, Hat,
*Please write your name on all your belongings


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
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Where Luck and Happiness begin

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