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Schedule from April 2016

The following changes to our class schedule will be applied from April 2016, mostly Wednesdays. We’ll also start the LK Glee club, an English singing class for kids.

2016年4月より、クラスの日程が下記の通り変更になる予定です。水曜日のクラスが大きく変更します。また、新しくLucky Kids Glee Clubという歌のクラスも始まります!

Weekly calendar2016
<<Lucky Kids Glee Club>>

LK Glee Club is an English singing class for kids. Let’s have fun singing together!
From stretching exercises, pronunciation drills to vocal warm ups, we’ll be designing the curriculum so that the kids can stay motivated and have a great time. We’ll be learning one song every two months, so the kids will have plenty of time to slowly build up on the basics.

Lucky Kidsでの英語の歌教室です! 皆で一緒に楽しく英語で歌いましょう! ストレッチから発声、発音練習まで子ども達が飽きることなく夢中になって続けられるような 工夫がちりばめられています。2ヶ月で1曲を目安に、安心してゆっくり歌の基礎を固めます。

<Child’s Age 対象>     3歳~12歳
<Day&Time 日時>              Friday 金曜日 15:00~15:50
<Fee (per month, exclusive of tax)  レッスン料(月額・税別)>
1 Time/Week : ¥8,000, Miscellaneous Fee : ¥1,000, Enrollment Fee : ¥10,000,  Textbooks
8, 000円、その他費用 1,000円、入会金10,000円(入会時のみ)、テキスト代

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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Happy New Year from Lucky Kids

Happy New Year! We thank you all for the support you’ve shown our school last year, at our events  as well as every day things such as checking your child’s homework/ belongings etc.
We’re hoping 2016 will be another year of fun, academical growth for everybody. January’s theme for our Kinders (Sparkling Sapphires, Dazzling Rubies and Brilliant Crystals) is transportation, and here’s a sneak peak at one of the awesome activities we have planned (Sparkling Sapphires baked them today)
The kids will of course be able to bring their vehicle shaped cookies home :) Here’s to another great year!

1月の幼稚園生クラス(Sparkling Sapphires, Dazzling Rubies, Brilliant Crystals)のテーマはTransportation 交通 です。本日Sparkling Sapphiresの皆で作ったクッキーの写真ですが、まだのお友だちのためにも先行公開しちゃいます♪


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira




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Brilliant Crystals (Saturday Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園土曜日クラス)Dazzling Rubies (After Kindergarten Class / 幼稚園午後クラス)Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

What’s going on in Sparkling Sapphires this month?

From the preparation weeks to the big day, the kids did really well in early December.
This month’s theme is Winter and Christmas, and the highlight for crafts this month is definitely the Christmas tree ornament which the kids made with the colorful buttons they brought from home. Now that Christmas show is over, we have started putting a lot of time into circle time. From puzzles to picture books, we’re having lots of learning fun.

12月の最初の週はクリスマス会に向けての最終段階です。一生懸命に練習してきた子どもたち。 初めての場所で緊張する中、本番もとてもかわいらしい姿を沢山見せてくれました。 今月のトピックは「冬とクリスマス」です。子どもたちはそれぞれ家からボタンを持ち寄り、可愛らしいクリスマス飾りを作りました。 クリスマス会が終わると日々の時間にも少し余裕が出てきました。今週からはセンタータイムにじっくりと時間をかけています。 大豆つかみ、パズル、紐通し、洗濯ばさみ遊び、神経衰弱、絵本など、楽しい学びの時間が続いています。

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira
「ラッキー」を子供たちに! 007-e1446078992968 0042-e1446170533179 054-2-e1449708361457016 007 (5) 031

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Lucky Kids Christmas show 2015
2015年度Lucky Kidsクリスマス発表会

We would like to thank all of families that came out to support the kids last Sunday, and we hope you all enjoyed watching them performing on stage. All of us teachers are very proud of our kids for braving through everything, they’ll all be receiving pats on the back for a while :)
It’s become very cold in Tokyo, please keep warm and safe for the remainder of the year.
Happy Holidays!

先日子どもたちのパフォーマンスを見にLucky Kidsのクリスマス発表会へ足を運んで下さったご家族の皆様に御礼申し上げます。楽しんでいただけましたでしょうか。教師陣一同、見事やりきった子どもたちのことを大変誇らしく思っています!しばらくは褒め続けます(笑)


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Last spurt, Speech kids!


The Speech kids probably have it the roughest in terms of difficulty for Christmas show preparation, but they are all practicing very hard. Only two weeks left until Christmas show, that’s two more lessons left! Last spurt everybody, let’s give it our all :)
On a side note, for this month everybody has been practicing nursery rhymes such as Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty etc.
The most popular poem we’ve done was Teddy Bear, they had to say out loud the poem while skipping with a jump rope.

ですが一生懸命練習中です!残すところ2週間 つまり残された授業はあと2回です、まさにラストスパートと言ったところですね。スピーチのみなさん、頑張りましょう!
あと今月ですがハンプティダンプティなどアメリカで有名な子供用の詩の音読をたくさんやりました。中でも縄跳びをしながら唱えるTeddy Bearが人気でした。


Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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Diary / ダイアリー

Here comes Elephant feet!

With the weather being just right, not too hot, not too cold, our Sparkling Sapphires are at it again – singing dancing and playing with lots of energy! :)
Their theme this month is on animals, so they played with cans at the park. Where’s the relevance you ask? Well, these cans have elephant footprint patterns at the bottom, and our oldest M chan soon was found walking smoothly around the park with them. The others followed suit as well. They also made paper cup animals, very cute too.

過ごしやすい気候の中、今日もサファイアの子どもたちは元気に歌い、踊り。戸外で沢山遊んでいます。   今月のテーマが「動物」。 動物にちなんで、公園では懐かしの缶ぽっくりをして遊んでいます。 動物と缶ぽっくり・・・なんのつながりが??とお思いでしょう。実はこの缶ぽっくり、ぞうさんの足になっているんです! ぞうさんの足ぽっくりとでも言いましょうか。   おそらく初めてやる子どもたちが多い中、一番年上のMちゃんがあっという間に歩けるようになりました。 本当に上手なんですよ!どこまでもぞうさんの足ぽっくりでMちゃんです。 小さいお友達も頑張っていましたよ!!! 紙コップの動物達もとても可愛らしく出来上がりました。

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

057-2-e1447977877120IMG_3865   025

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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Sports fever!

This month’s theme for Elementary has been on sports, and the picture below is where we are introducing many of the major sports in English. Sure, some kids like reading books or staying indoors, but most kids really like sports, and you can see in the picture just how attentive they are :) Yesterday we made laminated soccer players where they could put their fingers through to play finger soccer, and the week before we played make shift table tennis!



Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


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Diary / ダイアリーLucky Gems (Advanced / 上級・帰国子女クラス)Shining Pearls (Elementary / 初級・中級小学生クラス)

Happy Halloween!

Thank you all so much for coming out to our Halloween party the other day, despite the chilly weather.
We were thrilled to see our kids having so much fun, and all their costumes were absolutely adorable too.
It was nice getting to know some of the parents we don’t get to see that often; we hope you all enjoyed the program as much as we did. Next up, Christmas!
先日は寒い中Lucky Kidsのハロウィンパーティへお越し頂き本当にありがとうございました!

Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira


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Beautiful Weather to play out side!

We feel the Autumn breeze is in the air.  It’s so much easier for all of us to spend time outside, don’t you agree??

Our kids in Sparkling Sapphires loves to play outside!  We go out to the park almost everyday!
Kids playing with balls, chatting with teachers and friends, swing and slide…  So many things they can do!

The other day, SS found many red berries on the ground, that they decided to use them to play in the sand box.
One child was baking a cake using the red berries, others were using them to make  soup and juice…
We teachers were very surprised how each kids can grow the imaginations!!!

Though it is still October, we have started practicing for the Christmas Party presentation.
Gradually, kids are able to sing out loud!


Sparkling Sapphiresの子どもたちもお外で遊ぶのが大好き!!!雨が降らない限り、毎日必ず外で遊んでいます。




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Diary / ダイアリーPre & Sparkling Sapphires(Pre & Kindergarten Class /プレ・ 幼稚園クラス)

Concentration levels…!

…Are really high at the moment :)
It’s that time of the year where classes start to become really busy because we start practicing for Christmas shows, but we gotta say, we are really impressed with how well our kinder students are concentrating. With how things are, they’ll all master their Christmas material in no time. Good job kinder kids on a very well performed month!



Lucky Kids ラッキーキッズ
International academy in Kodaira

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